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Fresh Garlic Bundle

Fresh Garlic Bundle

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Packed full of garlicky goodness!

Taste the best of KI Fresh Garlic products with our Fresh Garlic Bundle!

The ultimate introduction to our products, this bundle is everything you need to add the delicious flavour of fresh Australian garlic to your meals. Pop a sprinkling of Garlic Salt over your potatoes or experience the difference our fresh garlic cloves make to your roasts! This bundle definitely is the best of everything garlic!

Fresh Garlic Bundle:
6 Australian Fresh Garlic Bulbs
1 x Australian Garlic Salt Jar
200g Australian Garlic Salt Refill
200g Rosemary Garlic Salt
200g Chilli Garlic Salt
200g Pepper Garlic Salt

*All our bundles come with a complimentary card! If you’d like a customised message on your card, just write it out in the “Special Requests” note section of your shopping cart. We will hand write your personal message for you.

Note: Sadly, due to quarantine laws we cannot ship our fresh garlic to Western Australia

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