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Garlic Lover's Kitchen Essentials

Garlic Lover's Kitchen Essentials

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The Garlic Lover's Kitchen Essentials is a curated selection designed for those who cherish the essence of garlic in their cooking. It's a must-have toolkit that promises to elevate your culinary creations to new heights of deliciousness!

🌟 OG Garlic Salt Jar x2: Elevate your culinary adventures with three of our premium Garlic Salt jars! Imbued with the essence of Australian-grown garlic, these jars bring unparalleled flavour to every dish they touch. One for the kitchen, one for the table and one for your car (OG Garlic Salt on the run!)

Garlic Granules 30gm: A kitchen essential that packs a punch! Our Garlic Granules provide the robust taste of garlic in a convenient granulated form. Perfect for marinades, rubs, or enhancing the flavour profile of your favourite recipes.

🍲 Garlic Powder 30gm: The secret ingredient to kitchen mastery! Our Garlic Powder unlocks the rich essence of garlic in an instant, adding depth and aroma to soups, sauces, and a myriad of savoury dishes.

🧄 6 Garlic Bulbs: After a fantastic 2023 harvest, our Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic is finally available. These bulbs are full-sized, fresh and full of flavour. Our garlic has been grown naturally with great care and without any pesticides.

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