Garlic Butter Prawns

Garlic Butter Prawns

Butter and fresh garlic. A match made in heaven. These two ingredients are our absolute favourites with any dish. Combined with glorious prawns, it’s nothing short of mouth-watering bliss.

We want to share an incredible Chinese twist with a recipe from Adam Liaw’s Roadtrip For Good. This amazing stir-fried dish uses our fresh KI garlic in a buttery sauce seasoned in the Chinese way with spice and sweetness. Tender, succulent prawns are then coated in this awesome sauce for a flavour sensation like no other.

We guarantee each tasty mouthful will be more than worth it. It takes just 10 minutes, and if you can’t wait that long, you can even skip deep-frying the prawns. Just cook them together with the garlic butter sauce. Served with chilled wine and crusty bread, this is a showstopper meal.

Preparation Time: 10mins
Cooking Time: 5mins
Serves: 4-6

600 g large whole prawns
2 tbsp cornflour, plus extra for thickening
1.5 litres vegetable oil, for deep frying
50 g butter
10 cloves garlic
1 tsp fish sauce
1 tbsp Shaoxing wine
a good pinch of sugar

  1. Peel and butterfly your prawns, using their shells to make a quick fish stock.
  2. Velvet your prawns by marinading them in a slightly alkaline solution which makes them more tender. Blend water and cornflour, massage it together with your prawns and then start on the garlic butter sauce!
  3. Rough chop Shane’s KI garlic, so it doesn’t cook too quickly in the butter and burn.
  4. The first step of the cooking process is flash cooking your prawns in a deep frying pan of oil. Quickly cook the prawns, remove them from the pan and drain.
  5. Heat your cast iron skillet on a cooker flame.
  6. Melt the butter in a pan and add your garlic, cooking on a low temperature to infuse flavours without browning the garlic too much.
  7. Add fish stock and the other ingredients to the mix and thicken with a little cornflour.
  8. Toss your prawns into the pan and coat well with the sauce.
  9. Slice onions and place on the hot skillet so your prawns don’t overcook.
  10. Load the prawns on the top, and you’re ready to go.

Shane’s Suggestions For Serving Perfection
For a finger feast, crusty bread is the perfect option for mopping up the fantastic butter sauce. Steamed jasmine or basmati rice is also a great choice to soak up the delicious flavours. A simple summer salad and dips are nice additions to the menu too if you want to add freshness. Chilled wine or beer is an absolute must!

How To Tackle Any Prawn Feast With Style
If you’re tucking into whole grilled prawn from the barbie, then the trick is to twist off the head and suck all the meat out of it. You can either pull the shell off with your fingers or eat it shell and all. With butterfly prawns, simply grab the tail and use a small spoon or fork to pull the meat away from the shell on both halves.

With the prawns in this recipe? Dip them into as much sauce as you can possibly find and eat. Pure pleasure!

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