Adam Liaw visits Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic

Adam Liaw visits Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic

Adam Liaw Visits Us At Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic!  We’re sure you have all been glued to Adam Liaw’s unforgettable Roadtrip For Good as he winds his way across Australia. It’s a must-watch, so if you haven’t tuned in yet, then here’s the latest!

 This wonderful series follows Adam as he visits locals in some of our worst bushfire-affected regions. As nature begins to spring back to life, he meets with farmers and unearths some of the best Australian food along the way. Using his talent for preparing mouth-watering meals, he then uses this local produce to whip up delicious dishes with an Asian touch.

It’s compulsive viewing as Adam explores our devastated communities and shows how they are fighting to rebuild livelihoods and homes. Strength, resilience and community spirit are the things that bind everyone together, especially here on Kangaroo Island. Although everyone’s challenges aren’t over yet, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel! 

Shane Welcomed Adam With Open Arms (And Garlic)

We were giddy with excitement to hear that Adam was starting his road trip with a visit to Kangaroo Island. When the deadly fires ripped across our island, nearly half our paradise was devastated. The fire took with it many homes, livelihoods, crops and animals as well as destroying local wildlife. Many of KI’s smallholders were affected, including, of course, our very own Shane Leahy. A volunteer firefighter, he returned home to find he had lost everything except one shed of garlic.

After a thrilling day of interviews, filming and touring the farm, Adam took a basket of garlic to create a Chinese inspired sizzling hot plate dish. Garlic butter prawns don’t come any better than this we can assure you.

Support Your Community By Buying Local

One of the things both Shane and Adam are passionate about is the best way anyone can help is by buying Australian local produce. We couldn’t agree more. Try to buy food and drink locally and if you’re going on a trip, source varied local ingredients. Choose beer or wine or beer from one supplier, fresh salad stuff from another, bread from the bakery and cheese from the local dairy. Find the perfect view and enjoy a fresh alfresco picnic.

 “Adversity, like food, brings people together” is a meaningful quote from Adam’s road trip and one we all agree with. KI brands grow not just because of hard work but because of an untiring commitment to nature, and each other. After a full year struggling with bushfires and the pandemic, Roadtrip For Good is an uplifting celebration of the strengths of Australia. Make sure to watch these incredible stories and meet some remarkable people if you want to be filled with hope for 2021.

Check our the SBS video of Adam's visit to Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic below!

If you also want the full details of Adam's Garlic Prawn Recipe....then check out our next blog!


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