The Fresh Garlic Harvest is Ready!

The Fresh Garlic Harvest is Ready!

After a successful harvest, fresh Australian garlic is now available.  Freshly harvested Australian garlic is highly sought after, people want Australian garlic not imported.  So now is the time to get fresh garlic in Australia, it will keep until April.


A Successful Harvest - Our Fresh Australian KI Garlic Is Here!

After a hectic few months and many helping hands, our new season fresh garlic bulbs are ready and waiting!

Harvested by hand, we grow two taste-packed varieties of Hardneck Garlic, Purple and White. These have a deeper, more intense flavour than the Softneck kind and the cloves themselves are larger and easy to peel. Our natural drying process of 4-6 weeks greatly extends its shelf-life too. Unlike imported garlic, KI Fresh Garlic is born to last. Order it now, and with the right storage conditions, you can still be enjoying it for the next 6 to12 months!


Shane’s 5 Top Tips For Storing KI Fresh Garlic Bulbs

  • Leave each bulb whole and don’t break it into pieces.
  • Moisture and sunlight are two of garlic’s worst enemies.
  • Store fresh bulbs in a dark, dry place at room temperature.
  • Garlic loves cool conditions and plenty of air circulation.
  • The very best place is to hang your fresh bulbs is in the pantry.
  • Rule no. 1 is NEVER to put fresh garlic in a cold fridge!



A Sensational Summer Treat Of Full Flavour

If you’re used to eating imported or old garlic, you’re in for a taste sensation with the intense kick and juiciness of plump, fresh bulbs. After the early summer harvest time, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our fresh KI garlic. Stored correctly it can keep well for months, and will only lose moisture slowly. Obviously, the fresher it is, the better the taste, so top up on our tasty recipes at the same time!

Fresh garlic is packed full of juicy moisture, which means it cooks faster than other kinds. Always use a very gentle, low heat and watch it doesn’t scorch as this can cause a sour smell and harsh, bitter taste. When frying or sautéing fresh garlic, it’s tempting to put it in the pan first, but add it later when other ingredients have had time to give off their moisture. If you’re grilling on the barbie, then prepare a puréed sauce and slather it on after cooking!


Experiment With Different Cuts Of Fresh KI Garlic

Did you know how you prepare and cut fresh garlic cloves has an impact on the flavour intensity? Whole cloves lend a subtle sweetness to your dishes. The more chopping and breaking up you do, the stronger and more full-bodied the tang. This is why chefs often purée fresh cloves as the result is much more powerful and garlicky than when chopped. Here are some ways to experiment in the kitchen!

  • Thinly slice and sauté slowly in olive oil - makes a gorgeous garnish for veggies.
  • Cut whole cloves in half to release the aroma and soften - perfect for soups and braises.
  • Mince by finely chopping to distribute flavour - wonderful in marinades and sauces.
  • Grate to release a stronger, more aromatic seasoning - instant purée made easy.
  • Grind with a pestle and mortar for pungent purée - ideal for rustic sauces and dips.

Don’t have enough time? Then try our fabulous garlic powder, granules and garlic salt for an instant punch on your plate.


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