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Garlic Lover's Flavour Trio

Garlic Lover's Flavour Trio

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Elevate your culinary creations with the Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic Salt Trio Pack, a flavour-packed journey for every garlic enthusiast. This carefully curated bundle features three distinctive garlic salts, each bursting with farm-fresh Kangaroo Island garlic, hand-picked to perfection.

What's Inside:
Garlic Salt: Our classic garlic salt, made from the finest garlic, expertly blended with premium sea salt. A versatile staple for enhancing every dish with a rich garlic flavour.
Rosemary Garlic Salt: Immerse your senses in the aromatic embrace of rosemary and garlic, perfectly balanced with natural sea salt. Ideal for roasts, grilled vegetables, and more.
Chilli Garlic Salt: Ignite your taste buds with the bold fusion of garlic and chilli in sea salt. Add a fiery kick to your favourite dishes, from pasta to grilled meats.

Why Choose Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic Salt Trio:
Pure Australian Quality: Made with love from garlic harvested on Kangaroo Island, known for its pristine environment and ideal growing conditions.
Unmatched Freshness: Our garlic is cultivated with care, ensuring you experience the true essence of freshly harvested bulbs in every sprinkle.
Endless Culinary Possibilities: From classic to adventurous, these three salts add depth and character to your culinary adventures.

Convenient Trio Pack: 600 grams in total (3 x 200g), perfect for seasoning, marinating, and sharing with fellow food enthusiasts.

Explore the rich world of garlic salts and elevate your kitchen creations to a new level. Join the garlic-loving community and embrace the unique flavours of Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic.

Order your Garlic Salt Trio Pack today and experience the taste of farm-fresh, Australian garlic with every shake.
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