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Bushfire Bundle

Bushfire Bundle

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The best of KI Fresh Garlic products!

Our Bushfire Bundle gives you an opportunity to experience the best of everything garlic — you get 2 jars of Garlic Salt, 200g Garlic Salt Refill, 1 p of Garlic Powder and 1 p of Garlic Granules.

If you and your family are true blue dinky-die huge fans of KI Fresh Garlic products, stick ’em all in the pantry, because they probably won’t last too long at all. Enjoy!

We call it the Bushfire Bundle for a reason...

Back in January 2020 our property was caught up in the Kangaroo Island bushfires. We lost absolutely everything — the house, the sheds, the vehicles, everything was gone — except our 2 dogs, their 7 puppies, the garlic and the garlic shed. We’d just harvested the garlic 2 weeks earlier and the ground around the garlic shed was completely bare, which was the only reason the fire didn’t manage to get to the shed

The garlic shed was the only thing still standing

The shed was there, the garlic was there, so we figured it was a clear sign that despite losing everything else, we should keep going with our garlic venture.


*All our bundles come with a complimentary card! If you’d like a customised message on your card, just write it out in the “Special Requests” note section of your shopping cart. We will hand write your personal message for you.

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